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This planet in the universe on which we live is an amazing place! You wonder so, if it is ever possible to live peacefully together with such a forever-increasing population. If most humans only pretend to respect, “do to others as you would have them do to you “and some of those who seem to respect this have a special exemption rule, allowing them to maim those at will who don’t belong to their religious classification, social class or race! Then the Creator has wasted his time making such complex and beautiful live forms not to mention that He send Prophets and than His very special Son explaining the rules trying to protect them from each other. It seems that every single one of us is responsible to remind our neighbors, that we should love Him with all ‘our’ heart with all ‘our’ soul with all ‘our’ strength with ‘our’ entire mind. And by generating love in such a way, use that love, that understanding, not to harm our fellow men. The hardest part would be to contain the revenge-seeking beast in most every one of us stirred up skill-fully and purposely so often by others to insure a monopolized future with increasing wealth and power for them selves. When I was a little boy, I read the inscription on the belt buckle that held our soldier’s pans up (God mit uns) ‘God with us’. Soon they were told to take up their positions and to shoot at and kill the soldiers on the opposite side. Some soldiers were blessed, as you can see in many war- movies, by priests in a sermon in the name of the same God before they where sent and ordered to shoot and kill the soldiers with the belt buckle. Most every time a soldier died a mother or a wife or both screamed uncontrollable or silently within in deepest mental pain, releasing the tormenting agony from their soul. I heard those screams; I felt the pain! While on other killing grounds hundreds of thousands of civilians where either shot or gassed in gas chambers by the orders of one side. I heard my mother say with a sad voice talking to other woman as she was waiting in a long cue leading into a food store “see those people with their suitcases standing on the corner of the street I heard they tread them badly”. By the orders of the opposing side some hundreds of thousands of civilians where either killed in man made firestorms candled by phosphor, consuming them and their cities. Concrete and brick buildings where leveled by bombs each one capable of blowing several blocks of five story houses to ruble crashing or entombing those who thought shelter within, (one leader remarked tentatively “500 hundred off these bombs could level Berlin from one end to the other”). You can see such agony today by earthquakes, imaging the first shock to be the night attack of the bombers and the feared after shock the day attack, or simply imaging September Eleven not one day but for three years, that was it. That leaves us with a question! Was it all necessary? Since the red army seemed to be winning the ground war single-handed. For those, who may be offended by this writing it would have not come to pas if from the damaged five-story house, window debris that crashed onto the pavement next to me, had hit me instead. This happened, coming out of a bomb shelter set in a fire engulfed alley as we fled through it turning left trying to escape death I run ahead of my mother, my brother in her arms. The body count of these killing sprees between both sides comes to a difference of hundreds of thousands of civilians. A strange irony is that only those that killed the most civilians are called war criminals. (As if there was a correct way and a permitted limit!) If the other side reminiscent quietly for their share even God may have merci full circumstantial consideration. But most from the other side are celebrated as heroes! What about those, who when everything was won for them, still ordered more needles destruction. Remember Dresden, saturated with bombs and phosphor sticks at night for the smoke and fire to guide death during the day, from high altitude bombers to hit the smoky and burning targets, thus marked, with super bombs (land mines). And after all that; when the victors started celebrating most of the ordinary people of the beaten side faced a war of survival for years to come. That turned out for many poor people worth than the war itself. I come home one day from school and I said “mum - mum the doctor examined us today and you know I stuck my chest out us much as I could for him to see my rips. I got selected for this, the special, after school, canteen dinner for some weeks”. That was for food! Some had no need because the schoolmaster looked after his chosen ones. My classmate lost his leg, to get fuel for the family stove, from the slow uphill moving coal train up the road. By the irony of humanity, the country that showed the least mercy seemed ‘allowed’ to withdraw her troops in an early stage of the war (what seemed a concealed gesture of peace) in a battle by the sea (historically recorded by the victors) as a ‘heroic event’. A second major but camouflaged peace attempt was made at a later stage. This was ignored suppressed and the evidence in the end removed permanently. For ‘some’ destroying one’s neighbor seemed just too much fun, too much glorious heroic history to be made and too much global dominance for the taking at stake. In spate of all the un-glory of war, that one is celebrated almost every day on Foxtel TV and related media outlets. (say, who owns them?) In fact, it never stopped being celebrated or used as a one-sided guild reminder since the day it was over. Do you think, as it is a custom at the end of many movies where some one thanks some body! These movies should also end by saying we sincerely thank the losers for giving us the moral opportunity before God and the world to have us entitled to use our overwhelming superior killing and destruction power to totally crush and destroy our opponents without mercy, allowing us to celebrate glorious victory to eternity. Is there a reason that the victors for their part in this evil can go on without ever feeling any guilt? My be they can before men -! At this point when I think about my uncle when my auntie asks her husband wearing his iron cross “why must you be always at the front? You will never come back”! He said “some one must stand the ground and do the fighting”. He didn’t come back. There where thousands, on each side like him who knew no better, knew not and will never know of the cruel, conniving, dishonest criminal deals and string pulling or even blunt stupidity preceding a major war years before it begins. And to those people I apologize for this writing. To ordinary men and women with unspoiled, innocent, honest, by patriotic convictions responding to the call of their nation psyched up by pitiful cheap war inspiring speeches and movies in which women, children and men on he opposing side are not portrayed to be people but the enemy. This is the key word, the “enemy” (to day-the target). This acts as a killing permit to enter into an indiscriminate slaughter without a conscience. If that War had ended then with the people of all those nations prepared to share the guilt, before God, for all that killing, not to mention the uneven balanced destruction! When it say’s “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”? Doesn’t this suggest a limit? It would certainly be easier for so many to come to terms with them selves especially those that weren’t even born at that time. But that is not to be, that war is still fought today with one side that has all the guns primed with guilt and the other side a mentally defenseless target. While one side celebrates their victories, most of the sensitive people of the other side are brought into a silent mental depression (like a slumbering sad anger) with in. By a relentless guilt bombardment, which has its causation, at every given opportunity from the media by comparatives to even unrelated but recent events. Reporter’s reminders to the horror sides during, one hour, TV world travel advertising sequences. Sneaky white washing even when Royalty gets into troubled waters, one diverts the attention to the other side after all nothing done, can be as bad as ‘that’. With created news items like the repentance remainders say, “We are having a very serious abortion problem here in our country, you people must pray for us” - after all - (?). Ad to this endless Nazi fugitive stories at the time and a new revelation of terrorists as those to be said Nazi Arabs founded in Egypt Any thing to smear that nation negative across the news media outlets around the world at any given opportunity such as special dated remembrance events. The opening of new (Guild- repent-‘atoriums’). All these effort’s increase if Germany comes into a positive lime light for any lengthy reason. Is all this to keep ‘them’ (the guilty) on their knees to step over them, being a different purpose other than the one proclaimed? Has any one ever heard, - forgive them for they (most of them) do not know what ‘they’ are doing! And does not God judge especially those who ‘know them selves’ and are aware of what they are doing? The punished people themselves don’t even seem to realize the silent cause of the burden upon their soul. But as one of them viewing this from the outside I think there seems sadness in that nation it is like a wound that is not allowed to heal. If you do that to your wife for less than one year leading her into a breakdown, she could divorce you for mental cruelty. If you do this to a nation for some sixty years, it’s all right? Or is it? In truth, it is actually a form of racial discrimination, that filters unbeknown to the ‘targeted’, through the minds of these young generations with a damaging effect to their function throughout their life’s. And those who deal out that ‘memory punishment’! Do they love Him with all their soul, all their mind, all their strength and do they love their Nabors us much as they love themselves? Here a question comes to mind; if you were a soldier and you were told to fight and die for a, to you, defense related Nation which holds your country in a strangle hold of repentance for the events of a dark past! How would you feel, would you be willing...? Whether or not, ` never the less the world is told that this history must be kept fresh in every one’s mind so that there is no repeat. Has any one ever realized how one sided this is? That for all actions in history there is a reaction some one will always wake up to the hidden truth and throw the seeds unto the land! Has any one ever realized that for every nation that chooses to live as a nation within a nation (no integration), negative deeds of a cuckoo nation accumulate in memory against them? Concealed perhaps over centuries, it can lead again to dreadful repetitive events, the physical agony, of which, in these times, a host nation is not spared any more (suicide bombers). On the other scale from the horror of greed to elimination, no other western country has suffered more will full destruction (from two of the three victors) than the losers of this war. All that, because off a seemingly heartless self glorified, self centered, self misguided but at times supreme foresighted organizer and oral genius, who, as a soldier, seen human body parts flying and laying around on the killing fields of the first world war. In this state of mind with that stirring conviction to invade other nations ‘lebensraum,’ to create living space for his nation but also to unbind the financial chains from the first world war, all this proofed a for Germany lethal conviction. Entering Russia my parents called that Groessen Wahnsin (greatness insanity) but has anything ever changed to this day? Has any one since realized that most countries can hardly manage with the living space they have! With these convictions, ironically the Fuehrer gave those, some of whom, who tendered him considerable help, direct or indirect, an advantage leading into that deadly position by given those henchmen in waiting a reason, legal grounds and by that a killing and destruction permit to finish the country that he led. No body, who wanted to punish that nation, couldn’t do worth than he did, when even in the bitter end he allowed that war go to that stage (for what if any other known reason) were as a last resort he let them drench the blood from the youngest and the old. To have the blood in his veins flow to the finite, the last hour of every thing, the ultimate end of his time. No need for the ‘one’, to dream of the five hundred big bombs! By his presents, (the ‘beaten’ in the bunker) he surrendered, what was left of Berlin, to the Russian artillery. Spelling victory for one side but misery for the homeless (bombed out) poor people of the other side, for a long time. There must have been a special reason that ‘some’ wanted to destroy the heart of Europe so badly from the First World War on. Were Europe was not given the chance to find its own balance of peace after a mutual tiredness of war but instead being interfered with by the (these days) most power full nation on earth breaking that balance creating a total winner in this conflict. Thus, allowing one nation to put a financial strangle hold onto the looser thus influencing, from this point, the than future into the dreadful past it turned out to be. That is into the Second World War and beyond. A few years after that war, the place of horror was again prepared to be a battleground. East against West, this time, brother against brother, to receive the coup de grace. My parents could not believe it; they had relatives in the east. Thank God it didn’t come to it but then it happened to others. Those victors, who delivered disproportional destruction and misery to their foes, have thus waged war on numerous occasions; none can be understood to have one solid clear (humane?) reason from beginning to end for most ordinary man. Shouldn’t the super powers in the face of humanity consider the total cost of every brutal action, right or wrong necessary or not, as for how many lives to be lost how many countries are led into despair by the resulting influx of refugees and a chain of unending unfinished etc, etc. etcetera’s. For He said “suppose one of you wants to build a tower will he not sit down and estimate the cost to see if he had enough money to complete it” Where these wars a complete and just solution to a problem? So, it may appear to most people that all those actions necessitated the cause and a punishment (But who is punished?), it is important to awaken a greater awareness to the inhumanity of mankind to itself either to one way or to the other. That is the righteous; seem to be as barbaric as the accused by the righteous. So, it is said, “for all, who live by the sword will die by the sword”. That should awake a realization in all of us! For if a country elects to be led by barbarians than barbaric is the result onto others and if the world permits it self to be led by barbarians than barbaric is the result onto all. As this future is in the making! For now, nations still seem to rule as nations. There is a new war tactic on the horizon the bloodless war, the people flood war, directed at economy of the opponent. So, wait until the next (‘Nazi’) aristocrat ‘rule all’ dream comes true, the one government, the dream of the (money buy’s all owns all) finance aristocrats. We had our famous (royal) aristocrats since Alexander the great, some ending with their final ‘achievements’ in France. Wait, when a nation doesn’t even own her land anymore! Wait, when all the workers of the world become one single world labor pool, to pick and distribute from! Remember in business demand regulates ‘prices’! Reflecting back about the degree of criminal physical cruelty by which both sides destroyed civilian lives in the Second World War! One should leave this, in this world, to every one’s judgment over and over again, as many countries or elements within those nations display their acts of un-human behavior in to these times. To analyze past unspeakable acts of cruelty in an arbitrary way, if one’s conscience would allow one, not to go into detail! One could say that the henchmen of the one side didn’t look their victims in the eyes and these people in those to be destroyed cities knew that when they heard the engines of the bombers roaring above, they may have to die. While on the other side the henchmen looked their victims in the eyes when they led them into their destiny and most of these people knew for certain they were doomed. That will remain a burdening thought, no less for the children that suffered through that whole war during the hail of bombs and the agonizing consequences there off. No less for those that have a self experienced deep feeling for human suffering in tune with the Creator. Still I wonder if it is right under the terms given to us by His engraving flame explained to us later by His Son in detail! That such one-sided agonizing mental attacks, delivered by the full arsenal of media weaponry, in full brunt one-hour serials or trickled hiddenly into anything, for sixty years seem righteous, against those who had no say in that tragedy. Consider that under human terms any one who murders thirty people is a mass murderer and any one who murders one hundred and fifty people is a mass murderer, only the later is the greater. You see when the opportunity came all the leaders involved drank blood some in cups others in buckets. Jesus; (is this?) this is my blood! Afterall let two of the victors not forget that they hold a unique record of killing civilians some 40000 in waves in Hamburg totaling some 635000 people nation-wide and more than 200000 civilians with two bombs in Japan. There remains a question in my mind, why are the crime sites of the losers preserved forever but the crime sites evidence of the of the victors where buried and leveled, tidied up immediately, in a great haste? The areas of the suburbs of Hamburg, my home town, looked like new but empty subdivisions. All this comes under the rule; - first take the plank out of your eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. By the meaning of these words! If the allies had instead of dragging German civilians (mainly woman) through the concentration camps. To witness more horror apart from the unspeakable that had been inflicted onto them also (Do burned and crashed corpses look better than starved and gassed ones?) but took the freed people and if this could be conceived possible, gave them an inspection tour through the devastated cities of Germany days after the war! For these people to see the opposite horror and witness the hopelessness of the people that had survived. Surly if they ‘still’ believed in the laws and love of God, time should have generated some ease of mind that could have led into a mental reconciliation. There would be no need for sixty years, to have continuous worldwide remainders only for the crimes of one side; without pointing at the other. Thus, giving the souls peace instead of dealing out endless mental remember torment. The same awareness by the victors could have saved many mistreated German soldiers life’s placed in the, open field, makeshift, war prisoner camps. As through visual media lately some true footage, showing the destruction of the losing side, is unearthed, some people may give it some thought, realizing how much that nation suffered, where by you notice the words freedom and liberation come dominantly into use. Imaging if someone said to my mother what your leader is doing is wrong. We are going to liberate you. It is going to be costly for you but you going to be freed of him, say liberated. We will have to flatten-, destroy all your major cities many historic places, churches and other things including your rented flat. You will lose everything you worked for except the bag in your hand. You will flee from one end of your country to the other to escape the bombs and you will rush away from your last stopover to escape from the advancing, at a distant, roaring red cannons. Diphtheria will brush your eldest son but your second son will die from it by the lack of professional medical personal. Later, unlike your eldest son your third son will receive the full brunt of tuberculoses by the lack of food and proper housing. You will have to eat dog and other food that you don’t even like to smell. While you are with child, through the agonizing moments between your husband and your self, caused by the terrible circumstances you live in, an accident will occur causing your expected child to have a brain tumor and she will suffer before your eyes for two years before she dies. But nine years after the war things will get better for you, as you won’t have to survive on social benefits any more because your husband will be able to work again. Further on, even so you are old, things will look even brighter for you and your family because you will have time to scrub floors again to support your youngest daughter through university”. What do you think my mother would have said about liberation? And what was a boy, 12-year-old, to think or say when he witnessed total destruction on one end of his home land and the English soldiers on the eastern end walking the road to the farms past our front door in the morning and back to their house in the evening. For love they had the young polish girls, even baby’s, with whom they worked happily together tending farm machinery and house alterations. They had also constructed a swimming pool using brush wood woven around poles as walls. We kid-s asked the solders for us to swim there, they said “that’s all right”.
At a few weeks before the end of war, the small country school was to be closed all stood outside confused why? Me looking in to the sun explaining to a local farmers son, mounted on his horse, the fugitive flood of the east passing by our than temporary front door, he pointed at my face and said “look he has one eye closed and with the other eye, he lies. Or some month after the war when my second uncle returned from it, digging the tools and machinery parts out of the ruble; the remains from his former third floor now ground floor wood work shop. I helped him; all he could afford for me where two slices of bread with a bit of dripping on it. I ask him why? He said “After all this, I have to pay also an extra (wiedergutmachungs) tax, make good for whom? For what? Three years later my uncle asked how I was doing in school? I told him the teachers told us, by Churchill’s orders, they are not allowed to teach us higher mathematics and etc. All this is leading into modern liberation among many present virtues-, doesn’t it put a country on the market? Doesn’t history show that you can own a country by force or by money through privatization (South America?) etc. Nothing like this could ever happen so often in this world if those who hold the guiding reins, in the background, acted human’ with the irony that what ever happens, these characters and their mates will be out of harms way. If there are too many people on the planet, is not birth control the answer rather than wholesale murder. Community insects have it in some form and so some animals. And they are creations of God surly he allows us the same privilege, since we are pronounced ‘worth more than many sparrows. There has to be more truth in this world, a fair solution, one side can’t bear the intire brunt of blame for the (mordlust) inflamed in every war. That is, one should not augment the acts of the looser in order to overshadow ones own inhuman behavior. Or place their cruel actions in the foreground continuously, to decoy the mental awareness of those who want to make sense of this tragedy rather than to celebrate it or be entertained by it. There has to be a sharing of guilt through truth on all levels. In a way, when in those places were those criminal acts were performed and which are now used to horrify visitors or to humiliate the people of the responsible nation with guilt. There beyond the boundary of every one of these places within eyesight, there must be a monolith erected with all the war crimes and crimes against humanity of all nations displayed from the top down. All future crimes to be added at the bottom as the monolith is made to rise out of the ground if need be, to provide more writing space. For those who come, have their ears hanging on the ground dismayed by guilt, they can look up in the end and realize that they are not alone to blame. For if you started with Napoleon at the top, you will find from the people who expect unending repentance from that nation, (some) were involved in financing Napoleon and he did not use this money to build hospitals he used it to fill them. To bring a dreadful event into focus one would have to say, if you want to be people in God and God to be within, you must listen to His words over and over again such as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth with the Son saying in love and forgiveness; “If someone strikes you on one cheek offer him the other also.” How did the greatest nation on earth head this advice dealing with (9 11) the destruction of two sky scraping towers with the tragic loss of some 3000 lives, including the attack on the Pentagon undoubtedly a horrendous crime. The first time America experienced the devastating effects of war on the mainland, her heartland. The retaliation answered by the destruction not of two towers but devastation to a whole ancient land, its central united leadership and the death of thousands of people with ongoing suffering from injuries and radiation affects. One day, when everything was said and done, the leaders who should be held responsible ignoring the advice of God, paraded at one stage, proudly through a street aside the great ‘Church Leader’. You think Jesus would have walked sharing this path?
I, Karl G. Heinz wrote this to come to terms with my own conscience. This sermon is not to highlight the cause but rather the end results and the current effects as I feel and see it for what I am and who I am, (For all, to share guilt) in a time frame of equivalence by awakening to the logic truth of causation. My personal experience is not included to gain sympathy, as I know others fared far worth but to show that this is the reason that gave me the urge to speak with the pen. It is not intended to make a mockery out of the truth in those events, or stand as judgement against the leaders of the nations involved for ones the wheels where in motion decisions had to be made for the benefit of some and the devastation of others. Neither should there be any resentment among those nations as the total of them that where involved, they may need each other as a combined force to stand up to coming events. It should not diminish the honor belonging to those who fought in innocence to the hidden under laying cause or to those who where compelled by the anger for what they witnessed. Neither should it be taken as an insult toward the repentance seekers so they should ask them selves, who or what made ‘us’ fight so desperate, so valid and so victorious against all odds and religious convictions to regain the Promised Land. Was this by the hands of the LORD? Can we comprehend or accept when He said, “the flesh counts, for nothing?” Was Hitler destined a Judas to his own Nation, -his own people to elevate Israel? Did one nation have to pay such a price to give the ‘chosen’ Nation that courage? By His ever presents, everyone should search their soul truthfully and realize that this is not written to create ill feeling or hatred between every one but rather (to understand the depth) to see it in the supreme essence of peace. For as He said, “Peace be with you. Receive my peace unto yourselves. So as Jesus died on the cross for us, to show us the way to life! History repeated it self when 200000 and more Japanese people died and suffered so suddenly and unprecedented, so that millions of us my live! Because to this time no one has dared to repeat such a crime and no other than a divine reason can heal such spontaneous loss such horrific sacrifice! Convert such terrible impact on to the soul in to a calm of peace that you can feel in the bottom of your heart in thankfulness for their sacrifice. After all one could have dropped one bomb ‘at a time’. Still for those who are in opposition to acknowledge ‘PEACE BASED ON EQUIVALENCE’! Let them revise their historic conscience and that revision would have to include a consideration of the colonial treatment to the people of India, China, Asia, Africa, the indigoes nations of all the Americas into Canada to Australia etc. For He said, “If any one is without sin let him be the first to throw a stone….” If some one in my position should read this and if their soul finds comfort in this please keep it for your self, for loudly publicized it may work to the adverse. And why did I write this? It says,” preach from your house tops that which you hear in your ear.” I- heard it in my mind.




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