>THE COSMIC VISION!        Is this possible?     By AGSPRI.

From the Ancient until today most people have wondered about the stars and the universe, some put forward theories and done their calculations. The standard theory of cosmology is the most comprehensive and successful mathematical description of the cosmos from amongst hundreds of theories science has to offer. It is a description of the function of the universe transposed into mathematics, a mathematical replica of the universe, able to calculate into the past or the -future, explain the present or provide an understanding into the basic creation of matter, to the forming of stars and solar systems etc. Yet there are unsolved- or even for the moment unsolvable problems. Invisible dark forces; dark mass to explain gravitational interaction or interference in cosmic events, dark energy thought to power and control the universe, dark flow to explain a movement of stars, galaxies, whole clusters of galaxies are drawn in, toward a centrum at incredible speed, to beyond the cosmic background, to a possible edge of the universe, why or how, that can not be explained at the present time. For the pleasure of deep thought let’s create a variation of possibilities by using Gravitational Mechanics GM and Gravitational Time Mechanics GTM. GM denote a mechanical function of gravity, were a portion of (bound state) angular momentum of mass is converted into linear momentum by a centripetal force manipulation between the proton and the  bound state electron, causing an atom vibration, visit

GTM explain mathematically, the interaction between frequency f, gravity g, weight w, length l, volume v, time t, energy e etc at different gravitational power levels. The mathematics for this is done by using the All Level Relative Base Table (ALRBT) or for other problems advancing from a scientific set value, mathematically by logic. By this theory of GM and GTM, our universe (U), or part of it (U1), can be stepped downward, to an atom size U and successive follow up adjusting nano dimensions (Ds) below. It is fact that the power of gravity which we are subject to is mass volume dependent and differs for every planet or body in a solar system. There for to attract and bind the planets in their position traveling around the sun the GM vibration frequencies of the atom world U minus 1 (U-1) won’t , equalize and interlock between large mass, separated by great distance,  except by physical contact between matter. For the lower Ds, U-2, U-3 etc. at least one gravitational D frequency must come into opposing synchronization for other sub Ds to follow suit. We are and every thing else on our planet is in local synchronization by the U-1 frequency at approx. 1017 Hz.  From the gravitational vibration frequency of the third D, U-2 to the fourth U-3 to the fifth U-4, etc there within could be the approx. gravitational, frequency link established over ‘distance’, holding the micro atom world and the universe in place but also allowing matter from dimensions below, pass by like atoms of U-1 passes through the space of our solar system. Mass of U-3 and U-4 etc. would pass straight through mass of U-1. If one could except black holes at the centers of galaxies and at random places within the universe to be a sort of local recycling area, through which mass of U-1 is reduced into U-2 etc, than if the black holes, as a result, are in fact, solar systems frozen in time into lower Ds, eventually to reopen, that would explain the origin of dark forces. Dark energy extreme bound state mass momentum linked from U-2 down the line into all involved sub Ds is an invisible but integrated part up into U-1.  Dark mass U-2, blended into the dust clouds of supernovas as dark energy could play a part for the rebirth control of local solar systems etc. For microwave background radiation it can be presumed, that mass on the way out from the expanding process of the universe has been coming to a halt in that area and consequently formed a balloon like spherical boundary, in which and from within we are observing the second phase of our universe. Obviously at a certain distance, the stationary mass has an increasing gravitational effect on the in coming mass, causing an acceleration of the same; a certain friction could be expected at a cosmic mass by pas and return to an, to equilibrium adjusting motion within this area, this could cause heat radiation. GTM, if this was extensive researched, we may all get mobile in gravitational propelled craft’s and the whole planet could be powered by gravity operated devices, no more pollution. At this point science has observed stars, galaxies in fact whole clusters of galaxies exiting with incredible speed through a point, being considered to be, the possible edge of the universe. This would be caused by an immense spherical multi D mass contraction, a concentration of U-2 to U-3 to U-4 etc. This is happening within momentous time retardations leading probably to a relative; even live preserving conversion from our U1 size reality down to (U-1, to U-2, to U-3, etc) the micro universes. The conversion buildup lasting to a time until enough mass is collected, throughout the Ds to force an initial trigger moment resulting again into a, through time retardation, gentle gravitational, chain like, expansion to open a new universe, beyond the microwave radiation background. As this universe unfolds into the, for us normal dimension, not by an internal, micro time, explosion leading into a, faster than C, super speed inflation but from a spherical mass surface to centre, all D filed matter unfolding expansion, controlled by time. This creates an omni directional uniform outward mass momentum in to space. These D forces of gravity are pushing and pulling every thing outward like the unraveling of balls of knitting wool. If we are part in one of the reborn solar systems, we see stars moving away from us like we do now, but there be no micro wave background radiation in the first phase of the new universe, we can not see the dark mass U-2, we can not see it as dark force U-2, U-3, U-4 etc which controls this universal process, but it is all there within.

To express U 1, U-1, U-2, U-3 etc as combined units with the appropriate Ds read it as U1\D1, U-1\D2, U-2\D\3, U-3\D4, U-4\D5 etc to infinity. Data for the D frequencies for this paper are derived by as follows. The diameter of the sun is 1.392 x 109 m divided by the diameter of a proton 10-15 m, equals   b1.392 x 1024 this result is the size difference by the ratio b1.392x1024 times U-1\D2 = U1\D1, it is presumed that this size ratio is the same between all other involved Ds.  U1\D1 is the first D were the earth, Base 1 (B1), orbits the sun in 31558118.4 sec. U-1\D2 is the second D were the electron orbits the proton 9.002538036 x 1017   times per second = Hz, the hydrogen atom vibration frequency. The frequency is derived by dividing the length of the speed of light sec, C/s = 299792458m/s by the length of one bound state electron orbit 2a3.330088213 x 10-10 m = 9.002538036 x 1017 Hz this would be the frequency of the second D, U-1\D2 The third D frequency U-2\D3 is derived by again dividing C/s 299792458m/s by [(2a3.330088213 x 10-10 m / b1.392 x 1024) = 3a2.392304751x10-34m] = 1.253153294x1042Hz. The fourth D frequency U-3\U4 again C/s 299792458 m/s divided by [(3a2.392304751 x 10-34 m/b1.392 x 1024) = 4a1.718609735x10-58m] = 1.744389386 x 1066 Hz. The fifth D frequency U-4\D5 again C/s 299792458 m/s divided by [(4a1.718609735 x 10-58 m/b1.392 x 1024) = 5a1.23463343x10-82m] = 2.428190026 x 1090 Hz. U-5\D6 again C/ms/ [(5a/b) =6a] =10x Hz etc.

According to the ALRBT at B1 step 80, the attraction between a proton size sun and an electron size earth after a contraction from U1\D1 to

U-1\D2 has 1.20892582 x 1024 times the gravity bond in the U-1\D2 form. Time runs at the same ratio at this D level, were one outer space time (OST) second, B1 our time, equals 1.20892582 x 1024 inner space time (IST) seconds. This is contradictory to the ALRBT which quotes (1.20892582 x 1024)3 IST seconds (that’s logic), but this can’t be right it’s got to be changed.                            

 E = mc2   in terms of energy and mass is fact, but cosmic,’ big crunch’, energy is not just average potential or kinetic energy it is IST, bound state mass velocity (fly wheel energy) dark force energy, stored in all adjoining D levels governed by time, the higher the frequency through the Ds the greater the stored energy (Einstein E\M). The D frequencies, if found, will tell the tale. To proof that this paper is of some value, provided the electronics exist to test it, one would have to find gravity responsive vibration frequencies within the suggested D frequency ranges. Even one lower D frequency response or frequencies found as spaced between the Ds, by the Hz intervals, as calculated in this paper would be a start. It won’t be easy, tune a radio ‘three strokes’ and your out but if a start is found there is no stopping the future. For all the work and detail leading up to this paper visit   By Gunther Karl Heinz Pfrengle                             

Published in the Nexus Magazine December 2013-January 2014 Vol. 21, No 1


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