Believing that gravitational mechanics (GM) will be the key to deep space journeys by being able to travel beyond the speed of light, I have studied the same by experimenting and I have disclosed most of the results about this subject, since 1985. At the basics this, means that a single weight of X gram is corresponding to the length of a radius at Y cm with a certain relation to the rotational velocity (related in principle to ‘bound state electron velocity’), at about 2.7 revolution per second. Then at this rate and size of the test machine; angular momentum is converted into a portion of linear momentum, I termed it the 'Functional Velocity' (FV) of gravity. That is to say if the radius of a weight (of 200 gram) at this action is 13.5 cm than (13.5 x 2 x 3.14) x 2.7 revolutions equals the mean FV in cm per second of this weight in this mechanical framed environment. After years of experimenting and thought, phasing out all other options, I came to conclude that it was not only the FV but also a certain distinct vibrational pattern; a frequency signature similar to that of a heartbeat as seen on a heart monitor or by an experimental RF frequency on an oscilloscope, all this became obvious when the machine was accurately accelerated. At first this was difficult to achieve, because I could not get a 12 V DC accelerator nor build one, that could control the amps necessary in a way, for the machine to start gently. Finally, after I solved this initial problem, I could now start and accelerate the machine slowly to the FV, without destroying the mechanics. The result as shown on you tube and on may not look to impressive but it shows what is involved to turn angular momentum into linear momentum. You can actually hear the vibrating pattern; copy and transform that frequency signature into electronic vibrations than, bring it down - to and synchronize it with the atom vibration level, this would be the base line of a gravity (GM) motor; From this level, size it down into the next lower dimension vibration. See how to build a gravity motor to understand how it is conceived. This effort will lead eventually into a logic reality of save deep space travel at multi light speed. By expanding thought into other areas of suspected controlled levitation in the past centuries and to explore this lane of GM, keep the basic GM vibration pattern in mind. That is as a guide proposing, that the GM signature must have a similar spike as the heartbeat has. And when one lets thought prevail over this idea then were does this historically leads too? Well the ancients or their ‘masters’ must have had some control over gravity; explain the handling of monoliths and human levitation claims. As presumed above, the machine beat has some similarity to a heartbeat! Therefor, can humans generate a GM related frequency (heartbeat like) by workman songs and rhythmic work-chants single voiced or amplified as a choir and then transferred by hands laid onto a megalith or by sitting on the same legs crossed? Did they discover this accidently; Unknowingly by chance? Have monks by deep meditation accompanied by hummed prayers, singly or as a choir, or through directive silent prayer brain waves, influenced the GM between the nucleus and the electrons of the atoms in their bodies? Is there a relation between the heartbeat, the rhythm of life and the rhythm of gravity? (or even the rhythm of the universe?). Could we assume that the gravitational frequency may be engraved in stone in ancient building sites as a present from the Aliens? The ancients may have never understood the GM of, and within mass, but to some extent, as presumed above, could they have controlled gravity (GM)? And if our body can generate levitation by GM as said above then, are there bare cosmic navigating live forms? Ancient legends and UFO evidence phenomena researched by people like Erich von Daniken and for the eyes the remains of impossible megalithic building feats throughout the world, beg these questions. I think all this has a possibility but as long as we are led of the simple track by super intellect, by the admiration of hyper mathematics, backing fantastic theories; If two most revered scientists of all time will remain believed ‘correct’ on two conventional point for all time than we will stay marooned forever on this planet.
Because by zero ‘Controlled Gravity Motion’ (CGM) a natural result = ←(1-1)→ = (↔) = 0, but a by CGM the result = ←(1- (1/x))→ = (i←) = infinite acceleration. Wy does not somebody wake up! It is not going to be Professor Doctor Wertal.

With reference to the above! When I published an article in The Sydney Morning Harold in 1985 THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE, my next door neighbor came in and she said, “John Lawes is trying to reach you on the phon. his listeners want to know about your article. But why I come to see you is because I got something to tell you that must interest you.” I said “go on,” she said, “You know Gunther I never told this to any one because nobody would take me serious. But on account of your article I know I can tell you.” She began.” When I was a young girl we lived close to an airport. I walked quite often around the area adjoining the airport fence. One day a short distance from me right above the airport field, I noticed a ‘flight craft’ hovering silently some meters above the ground. I could see two persons in the craft sitting on seats, within desks. The flight deck area was surrounded and closed in by a transparent dome. The occupants seem to observe the action of the airport. But the strangest thing was, that the two ‘people’ where upside down, like sitting in their seats on the ceiling. Everything that I could see was upside down. You see Gunther, who would ever believe me.” “But I do” I said to her “Because that is what my article is all about, gravity and the control of gravity, and you witnessed an example of it, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.”


The presumption of space life forms, was a part of an article that I wrote many years ago to explain a strange UFO sighting, where the flying object looked and acted more life form like. It was an encounter that a motoring family had, on a lonely road on the NULLARBOR PLAIN. The GM knowledge I had at the time compelled me to write that article. But the Newspaper that I send the story to had no interest in it. Well against all the odds, maybe, one day we are going to be surprised.

Many years have passed, since Isaac Newton sett gravity mathematical straight. He did not claim that he knew the mechanics of gravity and nobody offered a mechanical solution since that time. After all Newton closed the door to a mechanical solution by saying “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Yes, this is true, by all means, but with one exception; the force which produces linear power from within rotational momentum, bears an increasingly accumulating acceleration, to infinity. The action – reaction force acts out of an equal force opposition and bears there for a limit to a finite, a non-accumulating force. For all we are supposed to know, we are rolling around within our star dint in the bounds of a simulated cloth like space fabric that must cause no resistant’s (to motion?). and add to that, Albert Einstein put the last nail in the coffin by claiming nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Intellectual genius based everything on and around these conclusions. Now an even greater genius refuted Einstein by a few things followed by de Broglie, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Dirac, Niels Bohr etc. This man must be right as he also attacks some of the particle assortments. All this blitzkrieg like advance of science on every level, but one; the mastering of gravity, the key for the ultimate benefit of mankind. Search the pages of and you can find interesting clues. The achievements of this scientist are mind boggling (said monumental) He turned Einstein’s Unified Field Theory dream into a universal working reality, now called- Einstein Cartan Evans, (ECE) theory. It is only because of my colossal ignorance that I still feel sane writing about my theory. And yes, this scientist provided of course an answer, an explanation for gravity and proof in mathematical formulae for all the theories he refuted. But did this genius master gravity? Ask him. Has he created the blue prints for the electronic machines to master gravity? He has not to my understanding, because in terms of gravity, it seems science ponders the trodden pass. Let’s be honest unless you know and understand the basic mechanics of gravity how can one truly claim to understand the workings of the Universe, that would be equal in these days in saying ‘but we know we have back engineered alien space craft with our finest minds’ - yes, but even this, is not the complete picture. Yet science seem to be content with this, as over time, one scientist proves the last one, insufficient; so it seems a super intellectual game you’re out and I am in. Well we are all benefiting from it. But it does not serve the complete workings of gravity, which determents our survival on earth and our exception among the Extraterrestrial’s. This is our test, fail and you fail as a species, not only to our individual selves but to all those brilliant people who advanced science as we find it today. Shouldn’t we stop and step back three length and say have we overrun ourselves, ‘has the cart become faster than the horse? How about we search for a Philanthropist who is counting his days and fortunes, who would be thrilled about the possibility to extend his life by a hundred years into the future by slowing down his present time in a time chamber and let the world race past. Thus financed, a dozen scientists from diverse faculties, casually financial honored per hour, could shed light on this phenomenon. Of course, the start is dependent upon the question how far is general frequency technology advanced as yet, how many digits past one, has the most advanced arbitrary frequency generator and arbitrary waveform generator to offer and if the present limit is insufficient how much time will it take to satisfy Niels Bohr’s equations. Don’t you like to know? Well according to google an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), limit at present, is approx. 20 GHz. An oscilloscope, a frequency counter and other related instruments come to similar Hz ratings. What does it take in money and time to get to Niels Bohr’s 6.6x10(15) Hz. (peta Hz). Approximate $80000 for an AWG to name one and approx. $200 per casual hour per associated person. Who has answers to some of these questions? The answer is don’t give up dreaming, the future the mastering of gravity is on its way. The foundation is being laid, all that has to be done is to concentrate on the control of mass vibration through a targeted secondary equalizing vibration (Niels Bohr). Here below is the Intellect at work that can - and will get mankind there, by entering into the petahertz range.

Researchers discover the fastest light-driven process. (Phys. Org) -A discovery that promises transistors – the fundamental part of all modern electronics – controlled by laser pulses that will be 10000 faster than today’s fastest transistors has been made by a Georgia State University professor and international researchers. Professor of Physics Mark Stockman worked with Professor Vadym Apolkov of Georgia State and a group led by Ferenc Krausz at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics and other well-known German institutions.






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