A somewhat stale situation for science is that a significant relativistic variant of time is only expected through velocity of mass from rest to the approach to C. This concept may appear varanted through mathematics and endorsed over and over by the greatest names in science but it seems incomplete. It is of course a theoretic and experimental established fact and in that sense unquestionable because we don’t seem to know any better. But we do know! Time changes pace by a variable of gravitational influence on matter. It just hasn’t been conceived that this is the main key to time and its control. This can be mastered! The point is, gravity is the most integrate phenomenon by its as yet ‘unknown’ function at the micro universe level and therefor any level, as visible displayed at stellar gravitational functions. Yet science states the only areas of physical science into which quantum mechanics has not yet been, properly incorporated is gravity. In the mean time science makes all these conclusions and predictions via relativity followed up by quantum mechanics, without an understanding of the function of the force and therefor without being a master of it. It is like having the reputation of a first class science lecturer confronting his class saying, "I shall teach you now why an apple falls to the surface of the earth," and he lets go of an apple held in his hand. A 2001 student asked "why?" The teacher replayed, "by gravity." Another student asked, "but how?" The lecturer answered, "I haven’t got a clue and so has anybody else! But it is only a small matter to integrate gravity with what we already know." "But Mr. Smith, at the atomic level, shouldn’t there be inner space micro gravitational mechanics involved, producing such a force of attraction?" "Now Joe, don’t ask any ridiculous questions! Class dismissed." This is why this whole problem has to be looked at from another angle. Leading to the intricate internal understanding followed up by the mastering of gravity. Not as a formula but by real resulting mechanics. It is not until this day that we will really understand every thing as a whole. It would be ignorant for me and out of place as an inventor to confront science in any way saying experiments involving relativity in the nuclear forum are not complete realistic proof concerning the true mechanism of time and to reveal time as an entity in it self. But, take history e.g. ordinary people years ago even scientist said man can’t survive a speed above a 100 km/h or so. Realistic events by people surpassing this velocity many times on the roads on water and in the air showed the way. Had this proof not been forthcoming there could be complicated mathematical formulae today supporting that (life threatening) speed limit. In addition some of the later generation of scientists doubted that man and machine could survive a speed through and beyond the sound barrier. One-day man will be able to enter a time chamber where the environment can be regulated by a gravitational code frequency (GCF). If you have an ailment that will give you a month to live and you enter the chamber leaving a person that is in the same predicament on the outside! After you set your time dale at 1: 60 and you come out what you thought to be two days, four month have gone by on the other side and your equal in fate is gone. That is realistic proof. Lets look at acceleration of mass by GM, propelling a spaceship, as described by this technology, that transmits a GCF from position Fig.1 a, the transmitter dome acting as the center of a planet (see GM 2001). We take our own gravitational frequency that keeps us on the surface of the earth Fig.2 a, operating at a power of y HZ, than set the dial of the ship to y HZ, the vessel should be weightless and time in it flows equal to that on earth. Now if we set the control to 2y HZ we are accelerating from earth by y + (- y)t = 2y, t being the time it takes to reduce the earth gravity to approx. zero, by distance! The continuos acceleration becomes then 2y HZ equal to 2 x 9.80665m/s2 (2g) which we could conveniently name Isaac’s (Is’). since Newton’s are already in use and besides the groundwork of this is based on his work. The power of gravity operating the ship is now twice that on earth 2 Is’, by GTM that means the height of a person is halved, so is the radius of the ship and time runs 8 times slower. One can work out the acceleration of the ship by the GTM chart (by Is’)


from 1 to 12 steps or extend further by mathematics but the for every level related value, of the time variation column will never come to zero time. If we send the ship to a destination, acceleration must always be proportional to deceleration. Now if a woman, come along on a space trip confirmed pregnant at the end of her month and one was left in the same condition at the space-port and the ship if it remained in space equal to a nine-month period on earth, and then returned! The woman left behind should have a baby. The woman after the journey my only, be two month or a month and a day pregnant! This depends on the Is degree, of the two-way continuos acceleration of the ship. This again would be realistic proof, for which we have to wait until science allows it selves to brake through scientific doctrine. In a sense and in terms of velocity, of which science says, what a by relativity variation of time is all about! GTM don’t seem to bring anything new. But there is a difference. Acceleration of mass is velocity but it is a continuos increase of velocity and that is the all-important factor in GTM. It also provides an increase of mass in a sense that gravity for that body has doubled theoretically therefor the weight but that is where it ends unless the by 2y accelerating ships power is increased by 1 Is’ or continuos number of Is’. Now in a time chamber we are only accelerating into Inner-Space-Time IST because we are bound to the surface of the earth. In a spacecraft at opposite directional drive to the center of the earth, we are accelerating into outer space and into IST simultaneously. If we stabilize the y acceleration factor on a journey to a set number of Is’ we will accelerate at that set rate but we are not accelerating into IST any further. That also holds good for a time chamber. If we turn the GCF off! The ship will enter into a space-drift (SD) and its size should automatically normalize to B1 standard. The vessel would be destroyed by a collision with mass (space debris). In a time chamber danger would lurk depending on how it is constructed. One must realize that all this according to GTM is controlled by the GCF so that is the catalyst for all things concerning time, gravity, and contraction but it is not velocity. Therefor, in a big crunch big bang situation

GCFHZ > B1GCF HZ = Lz <em = bsevEe r/2conserved = IST m ct.(er/22c(103)) = bsev pE = mLz<e = E mc2, m < E p m er/2compound = < m < = B1ss< = U1.

Explanation of the notation above! GCFHZ greater than B1 GCFHZ = limit zero but greater than electron mass = bound-state electron velocity -Energy-, electron radius divided consecutive by 2 conserved, = IST mass contracted to (electron radius divided by 2 consecutive 103 times) = bound-state electron preserved Energy, = mass to limit zero, greater than electron = E mc2. Mass, greater than Energy (preserved by mass electron radius divided by 2 consecutive) = expansion = B1 soup sphere expanded = U1, = - Universe.

The term C is replaced here by bsev, which is C according to Niels Bohr. The energy E is noted as (er/22(103)) conserved as radius condensed angular electron momentum at C. The energy E is conserved thus by the continuos contraction of the electron radius in an atom. Whereby the orbital binding force between the electron and the nucleus of an atom, because of the constant angular electron velocity C, has to increase, in a contraction process, proportional according to GTM to keep the electron in orbit. It is here where the accumulation of energy (contracted mass or contracted inner space) is seated or the volume of mass is exchanged for- or preserved as E, (electron binding energy), provided mass is in a situation of bound state electron velocity (bsev), as required by GTM. This provides a reason and meets the criterion E = mc2.



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GTM 2004 Update


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Mathmatical Explinations

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