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This invention is described in the following statement: This invention isrelated and based on an idea, for which a patent should be pending , by the time this one is lodged, it is also related to an age old dream of man, of either true or mental evolutionary sightings by many people through time , the flying saucer.
That idea explains the function of a force contrary, (page --1--) to one of Sir Isaac Newtons laws, for every force there is an equal and opposite force. It states in the patent application in support of this contrary by explaining a negative force! A negative force two forces canceling each other, a positive force, two forces complimenting each other, or the difference of two forces, in negative process , equal the value by which one force is diminished (centrifugal force manipulation). This force must be looked at as an infinite force and the conventional force as a finite one. It is said also, that the pending invention will proof that force and with that force, the function of the universe and gravity can be explained. The explanation of gravity is absolutely necessary to understand this invention. To create that explanatory force, a weight is rotated by that machine operating at fairly constant revolutions. The distance of the radius is manipulated every 180 degrees, which automatically changes the velocity of the weight every 180 degrees and an other mechanism allows the weight tide to a line, 240degrees under tension, a 120 degree tension less recovery to the greatest and original distance of the radius. This action changes in principle the weight and a threefold coordinated centrifugal manipulation of mass, velocity and radius is so achieved, creating a measurable force into one direction. If one imagined the nucleus of the hydrogen atom to be the machine and the electron to be the weight of that (--2--) machine, the atom having in principle than the same mechanics as the machine, the force directed center earth, that force is gravity. For different elements, the more electrons per atom, the greater the force, center earth seeking or the greater the weight of mass. By this development, it is presumed that every atoms force is a centrifugal force manipulated and center earth directed. The object than is to direct that force outward or in any desired direction, this is the task of this invention. Study and experiments lead to believe that all atoms obey a frequency, originating center total mass, no matter what dimension, in this case earth. It may be that every element has its particular frequency or all atoms obey the same force frequency. To explain this frequency theory, the centrifugal force manipulator operates approx. between 2 to 7 revolutions per second, depending on the size of the weight and the length of the radius. Since one weight rotated is an unbalanced force, just like a wheel of a car, badly out of balance, every revolution creates a thump or an impulse, in other words a frequency between 2 to 7 impulses per second for the machine. Guided by calculations relating down to the size of an atom, a trail frequency could be 1.8 x109 per second, guided by existing knowledge, the cesium atom has a frequency (--3--) of 9,192,631,770 cycles per second and that could be the base to start there. So simply if on wanted to lift a spaceship based on this theory ,the ships frequency must always be greater than that of the planets or the mass it is to take off from, the atoms should than reverse force, the frequency must also be admitted from the opposite direction of the existing one to the ships mass. The function and appearance of a spaceship by these presumptions, to be best under stood, would be in form of a quarter of a full circle, in cone form as shown in Fig. 1 imagined to be part of
the shape of the earth, with its center 1 intact. A shape much greater than one quarter, would work against the vector force function, a complete sphere with the frequency emission from the center like a planet, would be stationary, since the opposing forces cancel each other. The frequency would have to be emitted at position 1 Fig. 1 which represents a portion of the center of the mass of a planet with out the opposing mass surrounding it. The ship shown in Fig. 1 is a mono frequency ship, the craft in Fig. 2 is a multi frequency ship. The problem is still to find out whether all atoms reverse their propulsion at the same frequency, or if a second a super frequency satisfying the plasma state of stars , works in conjunction with the mono or multi frequency theory or whether (--4--) in multi frequency every element has a coordinating super frequency. Multi frequency ships are easier to build, to maneuver, but need mass columns 4 and 5 Fig. 2 for propellant mass. Mono frequency ships may need rocket assistance to turn but use their own mass 2 as propellant. Vector force ways, the best shape for a mono ship is pipe shape Fig. 3. These ships would have great problems to land on unknown planets, since they have to be landed upright like a rocket, there task is to be the mother ships in space. Since structural components don’t seem to be important to explain the function of this invention and since mono frequency ships use every atom of their structure including the load as propellant, weight problems do not compare to common spaceship techniques. Multi frequency ships can utilize their own mass, but must have mass columns allowing for load etc. unaffected by frequencies on board, the propellant mass, must exceed the frequency effected mass, in order to take of. Summing up the components, at Fig. 1 No. 1 is the main frequency emitter, which could be compared to a loudspeaker, the hull 2 acting as the cone of the same. The auxiliary frequency emitters 3 act to steer the ship, by turning of the main emitter, a single, auxiliary is turned on for a short boost, just enough to angle
(--5--) the ship into a different direction. All auxiliary emitters 3 can be used together as emergency propellant or power booster with the main emitter 1, but only in multi frequency ships Fig. 2. 4 is the main mass column of the multi frequency ship Fig. 2, 5 the auxiliary mass column, every one of these must be activated by an other frequency emitter 3, but their own. 6 are the tripod stands of the mother ship Fig, 3, with auxiliary frequency emitters 3 and mass columns 5 attached to the end. Fig. 4 shows a complete mass frequency feeder unit, comparable in its outlay to an audio stereo unit. 7 is the basic frequency storage, in form of an endless tape, -record or compact disc, or any better suitable technique existing or devised, such as quarts crystal for a base frequency. 8 the frequency accelerator necessary for take of, and increase in velocity. 9 the amplifier to adjust the power of the frequency to the size of the ship and load. 10 the computer to coordinate and check frequency and power to guide the action of the ship.
Dated this 18 st day of February 1986
Gunther Pfrengle
( Name of Applicant)

Patent Application drawings Fig.1/2/3/4

See diagrams below
also see NASA letters

Graphic diagram of the mental development for the gravitational mechanics (GM) frequency theory, for GM space ship
see also above


Gravitational vibration frequency emission



Center seeking gravitational response by all mass to the frequency

" C " Core of earth frequency dominant

For every force there is an equal and opposite force.

(by Sir Isaac Newton)

Opposite force removed by mass separation at center gravitational frequency emission. Gravitational frequency transmission has to be preserved electronically at this position.

"C" becomes the direction of flight.

Variation of shapes of spacecraft from chematic two dimensional pictured progression of thought as above and for maneuvering operations see mass propellant ship patent provisional application

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