114 possibilities to the 114 sayings of Jesus

1. Search here, to search for life and see about Mary Magdalene for the reason of (that) your life.

2. If you think about the sayings you think about Jesus, if you think about Jesus you are with Him and He is with you, to realise your destiny to rule with Him in Him; in God the Father the Holy Spirit as One.

3. If you find out who you are you will realise your shortcomings in accordance with the Word. You will realise that a person, who lives by the Word and becomes one is known to the Father. You will become a brother in Jesus, a son in the Father in God the Holy Spirit and need not vanish with the terminal poverty of the flesh but has life within the Kingdom.

4. To find the path that leads to life it is better to acquire the wisdom to search within innocence and truth rather than ask those who seem to be first, as they could become last and you will be one with them.

5. That, which you can see and understand will lead to an answer, to that, what you don’t understand and consequently, step by step, that which is hidden will reveal it self to you.

6. As a disciple be solitary in your prayers and use all your time, effort and resources for the road to preach the truth. Don’t show off with rituals of man, observe the Word, the commandments and act honestly, for all that is said and done is and will be known to the Father through you.

7. Have righteousness overcome evil within you not the adverse. Arm your self by the Word to find the strength to consume the lion (the beast) within you to become one in Jesus in the Father.

8. Of the many roads choose the correct road to God, through Jesus Christ the Word of God.

9. Explained by Jesus, M 3 and 14. The farmer (Jesus) sows the Word. 15 Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the Word that was sown in them. 16 Others, like seed sown on rocky places, hear the Word and at ones receive it with joy. 17 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the Word, they quickly fall away.18 Still others, like seed sown among the thorn, hear the Word; 19 but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the Word, making it unfruitful. 20 Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the Word, accept it, and produce a crop-thirty, sixty or even a hundred and twenty times what was sown.

10. Jesus cast the word up on the people guarding it until it is well known then to be taught by teachers worldwide.

11. If the heavens pass away the righteous each as one in the light will not die but if you become two, you the man consume the lion within you again to become one and rejoin the righteous and have life.

12. Choose righteous people, in the word, worthy in being your leaders, to nourish your spirits!

13. Thomas is right it is impossible for him to comprehend the All (life within life), the three things are fasting, praying and giving alms but not in the context of showing off but as in saying 14.

14. If you are on a mission to teach the Word, don’t show off with to the people unknown rituals, don’t defile yourself foul mouthing, act and speak righteously and heal the sick, using all your strength, effort and time.

15. Those who have seen the Son have seen the Father, if He is with you, it is Him you worship.

16. The Word cast upon the earth will come into dissension and conflict with the old ways through self centered religious misunderstanding between young and old, father and son and members of families.


17. Jesus means to give us eternal life, by being reborn, as a living spirit to unite with the Holy Spirit.

18. At the beginning there was God and God is the Word. The Word is the beginning for us in the flesh to change over to become a living spirit in Jesus in the Father. For the righteous, in knowledge of the word, they know, there is no end only a beginning to eternity.

19. Blessed is he being an angel who come to dwell with us in the flesh. For he is acquainted with the 5 apostles of the paradise and to the Kingdom he will return. Blessed are the elect for they will have gained knowledge through the word and they are worthy to become disciples of Jesus.

20. If you have the smallest seed of righteousness within you and you bring it forth through Jesus to maturity, it will become life in the light for you and you will be a shelter for your brothers.

21. Those who have settled in a field and sown the Word, anger those who plant their own outside the Father on the fields they proclaim to be theirs! Be prepared, and stand the ground that is yours to tend, for they will come asking you to leave and repent to them, thus rob you of your harvest, a place in the light as children of God.

22. Those who are too young to sin do not know sin neither by mind or body and they are without sin. For us to become equal to them calls for an effort as the one Jesus asks here from his disciples, to become one, in the Word a living spirit.

23. “I shall chose leaders, one for every thousand, of the ten thousand who are to lead each a
thousand; and two leaders for the 9999998 and they shall stand as a single one”,as 10,000,000.

24. Jesus is the light, in the light, of the Father and the place for the living spirit of the righteous is in the Son in the Father in his light, in God the Holy Spirit, the light of and with in the Kingdom. This Light, the Word in Jesus lights up the whole world, without it there is darkness.

25. Your true brother is the one bound with you in spirit, protect him through your love in Jesus.

26. Be righteous, and clean your inside by the Word, before you attempt, to reprimand your brother.

27. If you do not abstain from the sin full pleasure of the world you will not find the Kingdom and if you do not set time aside, one day in seven, to seek repose in the Lord you will not see the Father.

28. Jesus came to us in the flesh in our likeness he found all of us busy with earthly pleasures and problems and he became sad because nobody realize the wealth that is offered; eternal life as a living spirit, the reward for being righteous. But when they grow older and realize they will repent.

29. If an angel is born into the flesh it is a wonder but if a living spirit would emerge from the flesh it is a wonder of wonders. It is saddening that man does not see the opportunity that the Father offers to become an eternal living being but man rather makes his home within the terminal life of flesh (in sin).

30. The Holy Spirit is God the Father, Jesus in the Father and the righteous in Jesus in the Father they are all One (He said “I am with Him”). This is a statement for one God (to be) only.

31. If people know every thing about a person from birth to an adult it is impossible for them to honor the One, for his divine reveled identity, in the light of the Father, they won't listen nor let Him heal them.

32. The Word from above, made known to us through Jesus, can not be hidden nor can it be subdued.


33. When you preach the Word speak where you can be seen and heard.

34. Don’t accept leadership from those who are ignorant, untruthful and twisted in the Word, it leads you into darkness.

35. If you let someone seduce you into sin and you loose the power of your faith and your sense of righteousness, thereby being defenceless against sin! Only than, can you be robbed of the light within you and thereby of your place in the light!

36. Don’t worry day and night about your external status appearance before man! Make sure you dress your inside properly with the Word to please the Lord.

37. When you ignore the value of earthly possessions and don’t fuss about your outside status appearance but clean your inside and be carefree as innocent children before God, judgment day will not frighten you.

38. Request the Word through Jesus while your time in the flesh make’s it possible to see, hear and learn, because you can not find Him in the dark or other wise.

39. Be wise and beware of those who distort or conceal the knowledge of the Word stay innocent, be careful and seek the truth in the Word but give the divided the impression you believe them.

40. Any house teaching that which is not by the Word is outside the Father in darkness and it will vanish.

41. The little that you have, don’t loose it, bring it forth and Jesus will help you to grow rich in Him.

42. Pas by the fading human substance of this world and make your eternal home through Jesus.

43. Recognise who stands before you through the Word and be undivided in your love to God through Jesus.

44. Beware of what you say and think, there is a limit, in relation to Jesus in the Father, in God the H. Spirit!

45. Those who are throughout evil can only produce evil but for a good soul guiding your mind to keep yourself pure and righteous by the Word, the temptation of evil will pas by and you will produce good fruit from your store.

46. Only an innocent child without sin is superior to all of us even to John the Baptist. Jesus without sin shows us the way to be reborn as a living spirit child.

47. You can not serve God and money; you can not eliminate old and true wisdom with the new, nor combine new things with old things for a lasting result.

48. If all of men become one within, totally solitary in the Son of man, such power of faith will move a mountain.

49. The angels born into the flesh and those solitary in righteousness in spirit, in Jesus, have this privilege.

50. The Father in Jesus and Jesus in the Father appeared in the flesh in our image. His elected children the disciples are to lead us by the Word into the light to life in peace, in the Lord.

51. The righteous in Jesus in the Father are alive. Their light is in His light in God the Holy Spirit and they are within the Kingdom, the eternal life as light within the light!


52. Twenty-four prophets in the spirit who died in the flesh can not guide you as the One present in the flesh, who speaks to you direct to your heart.

53. The guiding of mans spirit by religion has become a profitable business, any unnecessary alteration of the flesh by man has no spiritual value.

54. To enter the Kingdom; those who have no wealth, to cause them to sin, are superior placed to those who have.

55. Love Jesus with your heart in spirit, which will be forever and serve Him by he Word. Treat your parents, brothers and sisters by the truth in the Word, with your soul in the flesh, for that moment on earth, but who so ever gives preference to his family, in his duty as an elected disciple, my not be able to full fill his obligations to the Word completely.

56. Who so ever understands the world knows its sin, the cause of sin and the result of sin, he is superior to resist sin and he is prepared to find life.

57. Jesus has sown (the word) the seeds of the Kingdom into the world for the angels to harvest the produce (the sons of man) at the end of the age. The seeds of evil can not choke this fruit, nor can it stay hidden to avoid the consequence.

58. He who suffers for Jesus will find life in Jesus.

59. Study the Word through Jesus while it is possible for you being a life in the flesh to gain life, by rebirth, as a living spirit in Jesus in the Father through that knowledge.

60. Take the time and effort to earn a place in Jesus, to raise your spirit, while you are a life in the flesh, in that time frame, when you have become a corps you can not do so.

61. One out of two, only the one as one, in whom the evil is destroyed, will be filled with light, and be saved, to join the undivided.

62. Be solitary and do your good deeds in secrete for only the Father to see and Jesus will reveal his mysteries to you.

63. Fill your heart with Jesus first and your barn in good time and you will lack nothing.

64. We are all invited into the Kingdom but we must prepare our selves to be ready and available, on the day, when we are called.

65. The good man is God the Father, the vineyard is the world, the tenant farmers are leaders of the dark, the servants are the prophets and the son is Jesus.

66. The corner stone is Jesus; the builders are the high priests of that building.

67. He, who believes Jesus is deficient, is himself completely deficient. For Jesus in the Father is the light within the light, in God the Holy Spirit, which is eternal life, in every thing, which is the All.

68. For those who hate and persecute the blessed children of God, in Jesus, there is no place in the Kingdom.

69. Those who relentlessly cleaned their inside by the hunger for the Word will truly come to know the Father and He will be with them and they will be filled with righteousness.

70 If you have the seed of the righteous spirit in your heart nourish it through Jesus by the Word to bring it out from within your self, until it blossoms and by its fruit you will be saved but if your soul is turned to evil there is nothing to be saved.

71 Jesus body is the house.

72. Jesus came, to unite us in his love by the Word in the Father, not to solve our financial problems.

73. People who want to hear and learn the Word are many but true disciples are few, ask the Lord therefor to provide more righteous teachers for those who want to learn to dwell in righteousness through Jesus.

74. There are many people who come to hear the good news but some places of worship do not preach the Word in its true essence.

75 Many are standing at the door to the entrance hall of the Kingdom but only those, solitary devoted
within them selves, as one, in the Word, will enter this place to see Jesus.

76 The pearl is the Word; the merchandise are many others.

77 Jesus in the Father in God the Holy Spirit is the All, which is life, light within the light, that is in every thing that is created from within this Light.

78 Jesus speaks about John the Baptist to hear the truth from this man of God, concerned that wealth, nor intellect cares to hear and understand the Word to live by that truth.

79 Blessed are those who have heard the Word through Jesus from the Father and have kept it and live within that truth, they will not perish in the disastrous times to come.

80 He, who comes to know the sins of this world and understands the cause of them, is superior by knowing how to judge himself and thus free himself from sin.

81 Abandon the short-lived riches and fading earthly power, for an ever-lasting place in Jesus in the Father.

82 If you are near to Jesus, the Word, you can hear, see and try to understand, if you are far away from Jesus (the truth), you can not get to know the way to the Kingdom.

83 We know what we are and what we look like but our spirit, the light, remains within the light of the Father. The Father is made known to us by Jesus, but God the Father, the Holy Spirit, the light within the All remains concealed to our eyes.

84 We see our outside appearance in the flesh and that pleases us but if we could see our inner self, the origin, the beast, the ugly face of greed and unfulfilled greed we would be horrified.

85 We come into being from the great wealth of God. If we nourish this wealth by the Word, through Jesus, we live eternally as a living spirit within the Holy Spirit but if we fail we vanish with the flesh.

86 To make the Word known to the people, Jesus continuously visited many places with little rest in between and no permanent home.

87 Wretched is the body that depends on the service and demands of an other body; wretched is the soul that depends on the sin full actions of those bodies.


88 If you received and obeyed the Word and the prophets come and reassure you the Word, you listen and compare, you may think that you are ready for the Kingdom so you wonder when the angels will come and harvest your spirit, to join the Lord.

89 Why do you present you’re appearance immaculate, when a clean inner conscience based on the word is more important?

90 The only way to find peace and unity within your self is through Jesus Christ the Word.

91 Those who do not want to, or can not understand what they hear and see, will not recognize the time nor the teacher, who lectures them.

92 Seek to learn when that which is offered at the time, is what you need to know, keep asking and all will be made known to you.

93 Do not give the Word to unbelievers they will throw it away. Do not offer the truth to those who oppose it they tear it apart.

94 He who seeks the Word will understand and gain knowledge; with it he will find a path to Jesus.

95 If you have, give or lend without conditions.

96 Jesus took the Word and his love emphasised the two supreme commandments, concealed it all in his disciples and the disciples made it into large communities in the world. Equally take the love of Jesus conceal it in your heart and it will rise your spirit.

97 The full jar is total righteousness, (the innocence) the essence of a child, the broken handle the beginning of sin, the empty jar is total sin, the distance of the road, is a live span.

98 To resist the over powering sin full requests of your body, your soul must find the strength, to skill and guide your will (the sword), to over power the flesh influenced sin full thoughts of your mind, thus achieving victory over the body’s demands and unity within your self.

99 The ties between ones mother and brothers in the flesh are temporally compared against the bond of love between those united in Jesus in Spirit by obeying Gods will. They are one for eternity in the light of the light, the Kingdom.

100 Give God your self, in obedience of the Word, Jesus in the Father your love and Caesar the tax.

101 Your love in Jesus must exceed your love for your father and mother for your mother in the flesh gave birth to your body and soul. The Spirit (mother) gives you re-birth, as an eternal living spirit through your love in Jesus, the Word of God.

102 The Pharisees do not want to recognise nor except the truth, of life through the Word, neither do they give access, to the Word, to those who seek that truth.

103 Fortunate is the man who knows the sins he succumbs to and strengthen himself against the temptation, before it befalls him.

104 As long as Jesus, who is without sin, is with you, be in joy for his presents for you are in the bridle chamber with him. When Jesus in the father leaves you, than you fast and pray.

105 He, who only knows his father and mother in the flesh, is a product of the unity of the flesh, thus their son of the flesh. He, who knows the Father through the Son in the Spirit, is a son born and reborn in Spirit by the Spirit (‘Mother’) and the Father knows him as a son a living Spirit.

106 If you want to move that mountain of sin and guild you got to have as much faith as Jesus asked of you in saying 22. But all the sons of man as one they can move a mountain.

107 Jesus in the Father and the Father in Jesus care more for those who are lost and need guidance most.

108 Receiving the Word from Jesus is drinking from his mouth. The person who keeps the Word will be in Jesus and Jesus in him and he will understand every thing and have divine knowledge, the key to find that which is hidden and to be part of the same.

109 Jesus is the field, the treasure is the Word; he who seeks, finds and keeps the treasure has life and can offer life to others by the word. The interest is a place within the Kingdom as a living Spirit.

110 He who understands the world, and becomes rich, part from all greed help the poor and seek the spiritual world.

111 Those, born and reborn as a living spirit in Jesus in the Father in God the Holy Spirit, will not die no matter what happens. He, who soever finds himself knows himself and can heal himself thus he is superior.

112 Woe to the flesh that depends on a righteous soul woe to the soul that depends on the demands of the weak flesh.

113 The Kingdom is the All embraced in the Holy Spirit, the place of the righteous in the Son, who is in the Father, who is God the Holy Spirit.

114 Become aware who you are in the flesh, do not overrate yourself, deny yourself excess needs of the flesh, and let Jesus lead you to a new life, reborn; as a living Spirit, to be neither male nor female thus being released from the needs of the flesh.

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