The Gravitational mechanic Sewage Treatment Belt

The invention described in the following statement relates to a normal sewage treatment plant but operates by gravitational mechanical means.
This idea is a mental progression, from the gravitational mechanics related in Australia lodged provisional patent applications PH 04757 and PH 04758 5 in 1986.
The following is based on a considerable experimental study of the above and therefor a presumed understanding of gravitational mechanics.
For the understanding of the gravitational time mechanic’s, I have found mathematics a few years ago, and the remaining mechanical inter functions 10 later, to substantiate such a claimed proportional interaction between time dilation and mass contraction, as must be understood for this gravity related invention.
The sewage fluid is separated by this invention from the water by, targeting its molecule components, simply by a gravitational, vibration frequency,
15 that attracts the particular arrangement of atoms, in a molecule on to a conveyor belt. The belt is similar to those seen on building sites but is much wider and longer, but could vary to any size.
The belt has electro magnetic frequency transducers or similar devices imbedded in the fabric. Which emit a gravitational mechanical vibration
20 code frequency, tuned either to the atoms individual gravitational vibration for single atom selection or to the molecule combination, sequence vibration.
The mass may be attracted on to one, or both sides of the belt surface. As mass is collected it will remain while being added to, for the time, from
25 when the belt enters into and than passes for this process through the sewage fluid.
The belt is electronically sectioned in its length. The gravitational collection frequeny in the belt fabric for the part moving out of the sewage fluid, from
- 2 -
the primary collection area is than turned of when entering the secondary collection section, here
the collected matter can than be removed from the belt surface, either frequency attracted collected, by a gravitational device or scrapped off
5 mechanically.
The sewage plant, based on this invention, is there for, a profusion of conveyer belts. The said sliding vertical, or in an other suitable angle, in and out of the fluid, allowing frequency not attracted, hence unwanted matter to drain off and then the belts my be horizontal directed, in to the,
10 secondary, residue from the belt, surface collection section.
Every belt can be tuned to single out and collect one kind of molecule, a combination of them, or single out atoms, or a combination, like H2O for highly selective separation.
The sewage fluid is constant re-channeled many times past the belts,
15 through a slot like narrow, max. frequency responds width, channel arrangement, until the designed purity is achieved. The array of collector belts in a plant may also be group or individual tuned to select indifferent matter.
This invention has a big advantage over conventional sewage processing,
20 as it is fast. No sewage settlement time is wasted and it is far more individual selective efficient and most important, every chemical factory and others, could have such a sewage clearing plant in their back yard.
No rivers have to look like they do today. In fact a barrage of the sewage belts in channels placed across rivers as treatment plants of functional size, 25 at suitable intervals, for the whole length of the waterway would see to that.
Since every substance can be collected individually, a sewage clearing plant could become big business, encouraging for them, to be built by private contractors anywhere. And private enterprise is more efficient, a guarantee for a cleaner world.
- 3 -
Abstract; explanation of the scientific reality for the possible function
of this invention, is necessary as this complex gravity based technology is in its mechanic concept, as presented virtually unknown to this date.
The gravitational mechanics sewage treatment belt is possible in the future
5 and is an extension of thought and ideas of the two in Australia lodged complete patent specifications in 1987.
The mass propellant ship PN 04758 and the centrifugal force manipulator
PH 04757.
The mass propellant ship is said to be propelled by the force of gravity from
10 within its mass.
Where gravity is seen to be linear momentum, centre earth directed created by a natural manipulation of the centrifugal or centripetal force out of the rotational momentum between the orbiting bound state electrons in an atom.
Gravity being such a property of every single atom center earth directed, by 15 an electromagnetic gravitational mechanics, vibration code frequency, this process can be mastered and thereby directional reversed.
By the same means the radius of every electron can be reduced by an acceleration of this frequency there by putting into effect an interacting coordinated time dilation proportional with mass contraction.
20 To proof that rotational momentum can be converted into linear momentum that is achieved by the centrifugal force manipulator by creating such a linear force artificially.
The process is proposed to be known as gravitational mechanics.
The process involving time dilation with proportional interaction as mass
25 contraction is proposed to be known as gravitational time mechanics.
This, above then concerns and explains an earth atom world as seen through these gravitational mechanics.
- 4 -
But if we want to understand how to manipulate the electrons in and out of their orbit, extract or separate electrons and nuclei from the atom and separate atoms from each other and understand time dilation and contraction! By this concept and knowledge, we have to descant deeper, we 5 have to think dimensional, we have to visualize the universe with its solar systems, as "U" or (U1) for universe.
The atoms with their nucleus and electrons, as (U-1) and one dimension further down, atoms within atoms as (U-2), (U-3) etc.
Continued perhaps to infinity or to a gravitational time mechanics,
10 (lag times) between dimension, and accept that one dimension can enter into an other.
In the dimension (U-1) then we must conceive the electrons to be planets and the nucleus as a star.
But these (U-1) planets must have atoms of (U-2), how else could one
15 explain the attraction, between the nucleus and the electron in our atom world (U-1), by this gravitational mechanics concept; as the atoms of
(U-1) are presumed, to provide the mechanism for the gravitational attraction between the sun and the planets of our solar system.
Like wise with the gravitational mechanic frequency one dimension
20 accelerated down to (U-2), we can manipulate the (U-1) electrons out of their orbits reduce nuclei in an atom and this frequency my still be within the electromagnetic spectrum.
This said concept is the base, by which this invention is possible.
This said above involves also the understanding, that the atoms linear force
25 is, by these gravitational mechanics, created by a halve wave centripetal force outward from centre nucleus seeking move, by the bound state electron and a halve wave return move by it to centre nucleus, induced by every single graviton message responds of the electron to the graviton messages transmission by the nucleus.
- 5 -
The electron graviton message responds to the nucleus replaces the string in the centripetal force (the electric attraction between electron and nucleus) in an atom.
The nucleus visa versa graviton message responds, to the in duration
5 unbalanced approx. 900 east and opposing 900 west graviton message transmission by the bound state electron, due to the shape of its orbit, creates by a directional follow up by the nucleus dominantly in to one direction, a force, therefor a movement by the atom, into the direction of exceeding volume of transmission this is, if directed toward center earth, known as
10 gravity.
By using this said knowledge and these said scientific specification to build this machine, when the gravitational vibration code frequency has been established, this invention will prove to be a benefit to mankind by the alternative approach to the very core.


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