The invention described in the following statement is comparable to a time tunnel, as in fiction movies, by which we travel back and forth in time.
The time chamber offers only time dilation, with a proportional interaction of mass contraction.
5 It only slows time down, as one descent’s into the time chamber.
This idea is a mental progression from the two gravitational mechanic related provisional patent application in Australia PH 04758 and PH 04757 in 1986.
The following, is based on a considerable experimental study of the above and therefor a presumed understanding of gravitational mechanics
10 For the understanding of the gravitational time mechanic’s, I have found mathematics a few years ago, and the remaining mechanical inter functions later, to substantiate such a claimed proportional interaction between time dilation and mass contraction, as must be understood for this gravity based invention.
15 A time chamber can then be seen as a bridge between earth surface time and inner space time.
The process of time dilation can be best understood if we construct a time chamber as a four, equal size quadratic sided cone at the entrance, as e.g. floor a 3m, wall b 3m, ceiling c 3m, wall d 3m width. Receding from the
20 opening inward to near zero the gradient depending on the cone length to said near zero. An inner circular cone or any other internal shape is of course technical sufficient as well, but it should have a flat floor surface.
In its length the cone can be straight or curved horizontal left or right,
- 2 -
vertical or up or down ward or like the inside of a snail shell. The time chambers can be small, from occupying a surface of less than one meter square or to greater than the foundation surface of a large Egyptian pyramid.

A one meter square by half a meter high box, with an opening of 30cm by
5 30cm square and leading to a narrowing internal straight or curved cone
length of one meter or more. A cone length within 1.5cm curved, would be an equal to today’s average size fridge - freezer, but the mini time chamber preserves by time dilation, call it a time freezer.
Plates on motorized rollers transport the foodstuff from the opening of the
10 time freezer, toward the back, inside of the small food time chamber.
The next recommended opening size, up to 3 meter high by 6 meter wide is a time chamber that recedes from the opening to one tenth of its opening size in approx.16 meter.
Then proceeding from that established contraction gradient further
15 inward. This time chamber can accommodate people and have livestock
walking into, also small vehicles loaded with goods could make their way in.
On a vast scale to accommodate semi trailers, the opening should be wide enough, for approx. the first 150 meters of length into the descending time chamber, for a semi trailer to turn around.
20 So the height of the opening in the scale does not have to match the width, it can be smaller, but a ceiling height of at least 15 meter, at the entrance, is recommended. When the cone size recedes to a floor width of 15m and to a 1.5m ceiling height or less, from this size proceeding further should be done in a lesser gradient. It depends, how much of everything one 25 intends to suspend in time, or if time dilation- contraction- is to continue to the point, where one is able to enter into the cavities within the granules of the rocks.
- 3 -
For a person near the inner end of a time chamber, in that state of contraction he will note no size difference, compared to the entrance, if the cone gradient
is kept to scale proportional to the entrance and the contraction frequency
proportional to the gradient, of the continuously reducing time frame.
5 Theoretical thousands of people and equipment could enter such a time chamber, to last out a famine, a war or struck down by diseases waiting for a cure to be found or to avoid other disasters.
One an even larger scale cone opening and depth whole rivers could flow in to the chamber the device acting as dam controlling flood and storm water, as
10 such energy.
Time dilation and mass contraction in the reverse, the emptying of such a device, is referred to in the revelation 12,15.
To build a time chamber in the form as described, it can be constructed in concrete, in metal other suitable materials or simply best carved into a
15 mountain at a flood save height and a relatively earth quake free location. The chamber, as construction is in progress, being fitted out with many transducers or antenna transmitter like electronic devices, build into across the width and the length of the floor to emit the gravitational frequency. The said are turned on increasing step by step, proportional to the 20 reducing frame as the construction is proceeding inward.
The earth surface, gravitational time mechanics vibration frequency’ is then excellerated and emitted by the transducers electronically in proportion, to the gradient of the inward descent, the continuously reducing time frame, of the time chamber.
- 4 -
In other word, if for example from the point of entrance of 4m width by 6m height, we arrive at an inner chamber position of 2m by 3m, the frequency gradually, proportioned to the gradient of the cone, is now doubled by
(y HZ) x 2 and this goes on descending in this fashion, as at 1m by 1.5m
5 reaching (2y HZ) x 2 etc. to how ever far one wants to suspend in time.
To descent deeper into time, the time chamber technology can also be personalized by a miniaturization, with microchip technology, where
micro chips are either implanted in strategic points on, or in a body or a special, equal orientated suit is worn.
10 The gravitational time mechanic’s frequency is emitted from these points and synchronized to the existing time frame size position and from there, continuously adjusted suspending deeper in time.
Such a personal gravitational time mechanics, body time dilation device, used at earth’s surface time at a slow motion, would show a person shrink out 15 of sight.
This in the variable of size proportions useable invention, would be a great benefit to mankind, for every imaginable situation, to manipulate time in contraction, for the good or to seek refuge from the worth.
Abstract; explanation of the scientific reality for the possible function
20 of this invention, is necessary as this complex gravity based technology is in its mechanic concept as said, virtually unknown to this date.
The gravitational mechanics time chamber is possible and is an extension of thought and ideas of the two in Australia lodged complete patent specifications in 1987.
25 The mass propellant ship PN 04758 and the centrifugal force manipulator PH 04757. The mass propellant ship propelled by the force of gravity from within its mass.
- 5 -
Where gravity is seen to be linear momentum, centre earth directed, created by a natural manipulation of the centrifugal or centripetal force, out of the rotational momentum between the orbiting bound state electrons in an atom.
Gravity being such a property of every single atom, centre earth directed,
5 by an electromagnetic gravitational mechanic vibration, (electromagnetic) code frequency.
By the same means the radius of every electron can be reduced,
by an acceleration of this frequency, thereby putting into effect an interacting co-ordinated time dilation with mass contraction.
10 To proof that rotational momentum can be converted into linear momentum that is achieved by the centrifugal force manipulator by creating such, a linear force artificially.
The process proposed to be known as gravitational mechanics.
The process involving time dilation with a proportional interaction of mass 15 contraction is proposed to be known as gravitational time mechanics
This above concerns and explains an earth atom world as seen through gravitational mechanics.
But if we want to understand the mechanics of contraction, to visualize the reality for a time chamber by this knowledge, we have to descant deeper.
20 We have to think dimensional, we have to visualize the universe with its solar systems as "U" (U for universe).
The atoms with there nucleus and electrons as (U-1) and one dimension further down, atoms within atoms (U-2), (U-3) etc.
Continued perhaps to infinity or to a gravitational time mechanics, lag times 25 between dimension and that one dimension can enter into an other.
In the dimension (U-1) then we must conceive the electrons to be planets and the nucleus as a star.
- 6 -
But these (U-1) planets must have atoms (U-2), how else could one explain the attraction between the nucleus and the electron in our atom world (U-1)
The acceleration of the bound state electron frequency will control mass contraction proportional with time dilation; the frequency enabling this is still 5 within the electromagnetic spectrum.
This concept is the base, by which this invention is possible.
This said above involves also the understanding, that the atoms linear force by these gravitational mechanics, is created by a halve wave centripetal force outward from centre nucleus seeking move, by the bound state electron and a 10 halve wave return move by it to centre nucleus, induced by every single graviton message responds of the electron to the graviton message
transmission by the nucleus. The electron graviton message responds to the nucleus replaces the string in the centripetal force (the electric attraction) in an atom. The nucleus visa versa graviton message responds to the in duration 15 unbalanced approx.900 east and 900 west transmission by the bound state electron, due to the shape of its orbit, creates by a directional follow up by the nucleus dominantly in to one direction, a force,
therefor a movement by the atom, into the direction of exceeding volume of transmission, that is if directed toward center earth, known as gravity.
20 By using this said knowledge and these said scientific specification when the gravitational code frequency has been established, to build this machine, this invention will prove to be a benefit to mankind.


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